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Server Information

CTB - Capture The Base server is a TDM server in which 2 teams fight with eachother and try to capture the base of opponent team.Teams have to defend their bases aswell.The team who capture the base first wins the round.CTB is scripted by [F2]EnF/[F2]EnForcer.
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Referee Applications Format & Guidelines

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Arbitrators are presumed to pertain to be a portion of the circumstance crew team by pursuing the syntax lent below:


Applicant Name:
Past experience as an event referee:
Additional Comments:



  • Applicants should not be implicated in any theater for quite a protracted time.
  • Applicants are accepted/rejected upon a brief debate in isolated boards. 
  • Applicant must be a formal player in CTB. He must have an adequate awareness of the server tournament procedure etc.
  • Applicants should not rely on other applicants' applications. Perpetrating such litigation would ensue in a consecutive contradiction of the person's petition(application).
  • Irrelevant retorts won't be diverted. Only the applicant and personnel team are permitted to retort on the petition topic. Excessive replies( e.g. good luck ) would be obliterated rapidly with a threat.

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