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CTB - Capture The Base server is a TDM server in which 2 teams fight with eachother and try to capture the base of opponent team.Teams have to defend their bases aswell.The team who capture the base first wins the round.CTB is scripted by [F2]EnF/[F2]EnForcer.
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CTB - Capture the base is the game mode based on 2 teams that's why we allow team/clan matches in our server. 

If you want to challenge a team use the format given below. 


    Your Clan/Team name:
	Your Clan/Team members:
	Opponent team/clan:
	Your bases list:
	Total rounds:
	Time and Date:


If you accept the challenge of the clan/Team use the format given below. 

We accept your challenge. 


    Our team/clan name:
	Our team/clan members:
	Our bases list:



Format: For example 5v5
FPS Limit: For example 25
Ping Limit: For example 500ms 
Jitter Limit: For example 100ms


Get base IDs from this topic. 


Topic will be updated time to time stay tuned. 

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