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Server Information

CTB - Capture The Base server is a TDM server in which 2 teams fight with eachother and try to capture the base of opponent team.Teams have to defend their bases aswell.The team who capture the base first wins the round.CTB is scripted by [F2]EnF/[F2]EnForcer.
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Server Rules

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Server Rules

Flooding chat with same message again and again is not allowed.
You are not allowed to turn toxic or spread hate speech in chat.Abusing/insulting anyone's family or joining with offensive nicknames are also not allowed.
Mute Evade:
Reconnecting to get rid of mutes, and talking in echo through discord while you are muted ingame is not allowed. 
Advertising another server in the main chat or through a pm by saying come to this server/IP is not allowed.
You are not allowed to provoke other players into breaking server rules, provoking is when a player encourages another player into breaking server rules.
Wall Glitching:
It is not allowed to damage anyone by penetrating any form of solid objects by abusing the VCMP bug using weapons like molotov/Flamethrower.

Note: Wall Glitching is allowed using RPG, Grenade and Chainsaw. 

Death Evading:
It is not allowed to pause or quit the game while you are in a combat, drowning, jumping from the roof and other ways in which a player dies or evades death while getting killed is not allowed.

It's not allowed to use fake nicknames resembling to a player or using fake gang/clan tags where you do not belong to & copying/using similar or exact names as admins. 
Slide Hacks:
It is when a player is moving without a normal walking/running animation but in a sliding animation, overpowered weapons like stubby or M60 for example can be shooting while sliding.
Turbo Hacks:
Any kind of tools/hacks that gives you ability to shoot rapidly is not allowed.
Wall Hack:
Any type of hack which helps you to passing through a wall or through an object is not allowed.
Map Modding:
Using Mods to edit/add/remove anything on the map is not allowed.
Gravity Hacks:
Using a program to alter the gravity of your character, that makes you look like flying.
Using any tool which gives you advantage in DMing to aim on player easily is not allowed
Teleporting Hacks:
Any type of Teleporting hacks are not allowed in the server.
No Reload Hacks:
No Reload hacks are not allowed in the server which gives you advantage in DM.
Ammo Hacks:
Any type of Ammo hacks are not allowed in the server.
Fly Hacks:
Fly Hacks are not allowed in the server.

F1 Hacks:

F1 Hacks are not allowed in the server.

Speed Hacks:

Any type of Speed hacks are not allowed in the server.

HP Hacks/Health Hacks:

Any type of HP/health that may give advantage in DMing is not allowed.

Account Breaching:

If you login to someone's account without their permission, your own account will be permanently/temp Banned.

Ban Evading:

You're not allowed to play while being banned, anyone caught ban evading will instantly be banned again. 

RPG Close Range:

You are not allowed to do close range with RPG.

Minimum range of RPG is 20 Meters. 

Interfering in admin matters:

You must not involve in administration matters even major or minor. 

Glitching/Bug abusing:

1- FPV Glitching with certain weapons is disallowed.


2- Glitching with Grenade/Molotove is totally not allowed.


3- Maps can have bugs due to the structure of VC:MP, You are advised not to abuse such bugs in order to avoid any drama.


4- You must not abuse any kind of bugs whether it's on the server or the map.

- Regards, CTB Management. 

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