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CTB - Capture The Base server is a TDM server in which 2 teams fight with eachother and try to capture the base of opponent team.Teams have to defend their bases aswell.The team who capture the base first wins the round.CTB is scripted by [F2]EnF/[F2]EnForcer.
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accepted Admin Application - Mody

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  • In-game nickname
  • Previous nicknames
    GhostRider / TheSwordsMan / MaterialBanjo2 / [KFt]Banjo / =KF=Mody^
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Time playing VCMP
  • Country/Timezone
    Egypt / +2 GMT
  • Do you have any experience with being an admin (if yes, where, when, how)
    Yes, i am a staff member in VFS Server.
  • Time playing CTB
    6 March
  • Why do you want to be a staff member?
    I would like to be staff on here to help people when they are in need, This is currently my favourite gamemode to play so that will motivate me to be online a lot of the time. So I can reduce/handle the rule breaks and keep the server enjoyable for everyone. And I feel I should become a staff member here because I ensure a large portion of qualified time as well as extreme experiences and a sincere inclination in moderating over the chat and providing the necessary satisfaction to players in need of any particular assistance.
  • Language(s) you speak
    Arabic & English
  • Introduce yourself, tell us who you are so we can get to know you
    I am Mohamed Khairy aka Mody, I started playing vcmp In 2017, the first server I have played in was a DM Server and then i started exploring the other servers, i don't remember a lot about my past, Anyway, in 2018 i started playing in VCCNR and in 2020 i played in VFS and joined the staff team on 13th of June 2020, i had issues in the past but it doesn't matter now, i like helping others and creating new friendships.
  • What can you contribute to the server?
    Activity, loyalty, Experience, Moderating the chat, handling and Reducing Rule breaks, Teaching others, Managing the Server.
  • What do you have to do as an admin
    Take care of the server, teach newbies, handle the players so they don't go out of control like being toxic... etc,try as much as possible to reduce rule breaking, and keep the server enjoyable for everyone.
  • What qualifies you for the position of an admin
    Activity, loyalty & Experience.
  • Additional comments
    Thank you.

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