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  1. @Rid Thanks for showing your interest in joining CTB Staff but i believe you ignored staff requirements in format topic ( playtime must be 24 hours ) Be sure to read all requirements and fulfill on them before applying next time. Denied.
  2. @Alpays was promoted to Administrator
  3. after watching this video its clear that he use aimlock ( 0:09 sec his aim flick to ramp clearly can be seen ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALxi_baVsPg If you guys kept lying on and tried making us fool so it will make difficult for Knight to get unbanned. Denied.
  4. Hey San, Thanks for your patient i am hereby accepting your application as we got positive response about your application from our staff Welcome to Staff team. Accepted.
  5. Transferred account to name "Mozi".
  6. You copied Alpay's application. Never apply again. Denied.
  7. Hello Marine, Thanks for your patience, Unfortunately your application is denied due to majority of staff voting negative., Given reasons: You started playing CTB recently so you need to spent more time in server. Your behavior Improve these things and you can freely re-apply whenever you feel you are ready to do ( After 1 month ) Denied.
  8. Update base list in topic instead of replying
  9. New script update has been released. The update includes: - Added punishment history, can be viewed on CTB Web-panel. - Upon getting a punishment, player will get his CTB Points reduced. The rate varies as it depends upon the punishment type. - Added Happy Hours script, it will trigger when the server has more than 10 players. - Added /sendmsg in player commands(similar to admin command /alertall), costs 200 CTB Points everytime you use. - Daily Top Stats are now announced on discord. - Added a new round ending screen. - Player will no longer be capturing if he gets removed from round when he's capturing. - Fixed animation commands not being able to be used even if the player is not in round.
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