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  1. 13/8/2021 [RT]Friedrick has been removed from the staff due to long inactivity.
  2. The reason you have been banned for was ban evading. We are giving you one more chance and reducing the ban. Your ban will be expired on 9/9/21.
  3. Team1: The Avengers Team2: The Unknowns Scores: 6-3 to The Unknowns Bases Played: WK Area, Haitians vs Pizza, Ocean Hotel, Junkyard, Ship Wars, Ammunation vs Medics Referees: [MK]stubborn, [MKt]Alpays
  4. Team1: The Avengers Team2: ZWK Scores: 5-4 to The Avengers Bases Played: Ship Wars, Taxi vs Phill, WK Area, Cubans War, Ocean Hotel, Film Studio War Referees: [MKt]Alpays, [RT]ZeeX.
  5. Thank you for your interest towards staff team. Unfortunately this application has been denied as you need at least 24 hours playtime as per the application rules while you have 8 hours according to the webpanel
  6. Thank you for your interest towards CTB Staff Team, unfortunately it has been denied for breaking two application rules. - Your previous application has been denied 8 days ago you should wait at least one month before reapplying as per application rules. - You need to have at least 24 hours playtime before applying as per application rules. You can reapply one month later. Denied.
  7. Team1:The Avengers Team2:Dynamic Squad Scores: 6-0 to The Avengers Bases Played: Ship wars, WK Area, Ocean Hotel, Pole position wars, Haitians vs Pizza, Tabrush Cafe Referees: [RT]MasterOz, Alpays
  8. Hi PaiN, im gonna be honest; i got ban in vc-mp for one time. In european city it was my early days in deathmatching and i wasnt paying attention to rules, i death evaded against an admin so i received a ban. Near a year passed since that after i realize the thing i did was wrong i regret and i didnt break any rule in any server again.
  9. In-game nickname Alpays Previous nicknames I dont have previous Age 14 Gender Male Time playing VCMP Since a year Country/Timezone Turkey GMT:+3.00 Do you have any experience with being an admin (if yes, where, when, how) Not in VC-MP but some other games. I didnt apply to be a staff member in any server except here before. Time playing CTB I'm playing since the server is public. I play between an and two hours in this server a day Why do you want to be a staff member? I like this server and i would like to contribute this server as someone in staff position. Language(s) you speak Turkish / English Introduce yourself, tell us who you are so we can get to know you I'm Alpay from Turkey i started playing vice city multiplayer a year ago before vcmp i was playing other gta multiplayers such as mta:sa gta online and some samp What can you contribute to the server? Like i said above. Everything i can do as someone in staff. What do you have to do as an admin Keep the server clean from rule breakers, help new players. What qualifies you for the position of an admin I'm helpful and active. Additional comments I think i stated everything in my application but if you have any questions feel free to pm me from discord: Alpays#1174
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