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  1. @Harold has concluded to temporarily downward his rank to admin from manager due to him being busy with some private stuff. We strive you return with the desired status as soon as feasible. @Alpays has been endorsed to Manager rank with expanded responsibilities. We hope you serve them better. Congratulations!
  2. ZeeX.

    ZWK Team

    approved, [RT]SeeX is already in team.
  3. Successfully changed name of [CF]S!LenT_K!LL3R to SilenT_KilleR.
  4. Transferred, And congratulations.
  5. ZeeX.

    Round 2

    Hey folks, All the teams are required to conduct their match with the opposing team before 14th may. If a team doesn't conduct or play the match before the given deadline, the team will be given zero score. Note that the matches will start from 23th April. To discuss your timings, simply create a topic. Regards, CTB Management
  6. ZeeX.

    RK vs TU

    Team1: Rapmage Killers Team2: The Unknowns Scores: 6 - 0 Bases Played: Vice Point Apartment , Downtown War , Tooled UP , Ammunation vs Medics , Junkyard Drug Factory Referees: Mody , Shy , Alpays , JinX
  7. ZeeX.

    KF vs RD

    Team1: Killer Force Team2: Deadly Rivals Scores: KF not attended the match so basically 6 - 0 to RD Bases Played: .. Referees: Mody
  8. Team1: The Unknowns Team2: Killing Force Scores: 0 - 6 to TU Bases Played: army base , 24/7 donuts , Stadium , Ammunation vs Medics (Ammu Side), Junkyard (Any side) , Drug Factory (Any side) Referees: masteoz , enf , ninja , jinx , Hazard
  9. It's an accident you can see in the video he was shooting your team mate who is behind of you, Video says everything clear but still i will talk with him about that. Denied.
  10. will be warned verybally this time, 15days ban next time. Thanks for reporting,
  11. Whatever if shy notified you or not, i am talking about to take care of your account yourself and thats over.
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